Tuesday , February 9 2016
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Immigration - the only reason you should vote

Immigration – The conspiracy of the century

Immigration is the only issue that matters. It is the number one reason why you should vote and the number one issue that should decide who you vote for.

America is at the pinnacle of its most important decision that it will make ever:

Do we want to stay ‘America’, or do we dismantle it and digress into the abyss of a world orchestrated socialist agenda.

In terms of immigration the socialists and those aspiring to a caliphate has joined hands to reach there own unique ideals. The now prolonged war in Syria and Iraq have created the displacement and immigration of millions of Muslim people into Europe – changing the future demographic face of Europe and the European man forever. ISIS knows this – ISIS wants this. Western culture is destroyed not by winning a war in ISIS, but by having a war as long as possible and dispersing Muslims all over Europe and other parts of the world. A forced diaspora on a magnitude that we have never seen has been orchestrated and is playing out in front of our eyes.

Back in the USofA our very comfortable socialists is filling our heads with ideas that “we have an obligation to help these people- an obligation to invite these people in”. “As humanitarians we do not have a choice – we have to”. but they know- – they know this will change our culture forever. They know these people come from a more authoritarian, statist ideology,and a religion that is in direct conflict with the religion that have molded American culture. They know that incrementally immigration will change the inherent culture of America, a free society, to a less free society – a ultimately socialist governed America.

Watch the shocking video on the Immigration Agenda if you want to see in what short timespan the agenda will play out and change the demographics of the whole world.

Watch it, wake up and join the Truthers-struggle.

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